The Key to the Secret of the Sacred Sounds

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This class is to help people increase the benefits in the recitation of the sacred sounds.

The Key has three parts: “IPF”.

1. Intention:

The first part of intention is to understand the deep meanings of the sacred word(s).
The meanings allow us to reach an intended spiritual destination. This class is about the Divine Qualities.
We will be reading from the books linked below.

2. Pronunciation:

The Qualities are recited in the Holy Arabic language, which has letters that are not present in other languages.
You will be shown where certain letters originate in your mouth and throat so that you can say them correctly.
Proper pronunciation allows us to connect with the right frequency.

3. Frequency:

We will discover where the different sounds resonate and how to target the right frequency.
Targeting the right frequency allows us to reach certain spiritual depths and help us in our spiritual healings and walking.

Course Organization

The class size is limited to a maximum of 15 persons. This is to make sure each individual gets personalized attention and receives the most benefit from the class.
The class will meet once a week for one hour and a half via live -recorded zoom.

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(The purchase of these books is not necessary as I will read from them during the class, but it is useful to have them.)

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