The Path to Your Heart

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In this class, we will learn all of the important different aspects of being a human being. We will learn about our emotions, mind, energy, and most importantly, how to connect back with our souls, the seat of the Sacred Source that is the Divine Consciousness.

Through the different processes, we will learn to rediscover our true identity, not the identity that was defined by the experience of the ego. As we learn to clear the negative and light veils of our egos, we make space for a place of peace, love, and purity. We transition from ego-self management to Divinely-guided management through our hearts, the seat of our souls.

As that metamorphosis happens, we not only experience an emotional and mental improvement but we may also heal from physical diseases.

Connecting to the inner guidance becomes a new way of being. A person can navigate through the difficulties of life with ease and inner peace, while enjoying the beauty of the world with a heart full of compassion, mercy, love, gratitude, and joy.

  • The first chapter deals with the lower world and its pleasures and an explanation of its reality.
  • The second chapter encourages walking on this path and explains its benefits, mentioning the praiseworthy qualities that lead to perfection.
  • The third chapter explains the veils between the slave and his Lord.
  • The fourth chapter explains the commanding self, its walking, its world, its location, its state, and what it perceives.
  • The fifth chapter explains the reproachful self and its beautiful and ugly qualities.
  • The sixth chapter explains the inspired self and how it gathers good and evil with the beautiful qualities, but is nonetheless, the locus of danger.
  • The seventh chapter explains the tranquil, secure self and its perfection compared to the lower levels.
  • The eighth chapter explains the satisfied self and its beautiful qualities.
  • The ninth chapter explains the pleased self and its marvelous qualities.
  • The tenth chapter explains the perfect self and its nearness and boundless servitude.
  • The eleventh chapter explains the guide.


Course Organization

The class size is limited to a maximum of 15 persons. This is to make sure each individual gets personalized attention and receives the most benefit from the class.
The class will meet once a week for one hour and a half via live-recorded zoom.

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(The purchase of this book is not necessary as I will read from it during the class but it is useful to have it.)

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